We have over 20 years of experience in developing early stage mobile ideas – taking them from initial concepts, through our bespoke rapid interaction development process, to full implementation.

We work with development teams, large and small, all around the world and are based in Leeds, UK.

Mobile Strategy

We can help you determine:

  • What mobile platforms you should be considering
  • How the mobile context of your users affects the services you want to offer
  • What pricing model makes most sense for your app
  • Whether a mobile website might be more effective

Requirements and Specifications

Getting the requirements for your App clear can be a challenging task – particularly if your team is new to mobile. Getting this activity right can make the difference between success and failure of even the most compelling App idea.

We have years of experience in this process. We have perfected a number of different tools and processes to run requirements gathering and prioritisation meetings and are skilled at managing a mix of stakeholders as they sort the “must-have” from the “nice-to-have” features. The fact that we are an external party often makes it easier for us to facilitate these meetings.

From these processes we generate lightweight, manageable requirements specifications that all stakeholders can buy into and take forward.

Once the requirements are clear we develop light-weight functional specifications. We then often use rapid prototyping tools to fine tune the design and iron out functional issues early on. This saves a lot of time and reduces the likelihood of technology driving the design rather than the App requirements and user experience.

User Experience

User experience is of fundamental importance in App development. It makes the difference between a good App and truly great one. It doesn’t matter how good an idea is, if the user can’t use the app, or takes too long to get to the features they need, the App will ultimately fail.

We have many years of experience designing mobile Apps and always put the user experience first. An excellent user experience will make the App seem effortless to use. Designing Apps to be this simple can be very hard to get right. We have developed tools and tricks to get to the detail of the experience quickly and reliably.

Application Development

We concentrate our development on native iOS and Android Apps, but we also develop back-end servers or websites that connect to these Apps. Our design and development process looks across the interaction of services as a whole.

We have a lot of experience developing fully internationalised Apps – both on the mobile and web side.

We have deep experience of developing Apps that connect to devices over Bluetooth, and designing efficient protocols to run over constrained radio links.

User Testing

We believe the only way to really understand if you are meeting user’s needs is to test the product repeatedly, throughout the development process.

Over the years we have developed a rapid user testing process. This works equally well on mobile Apps, web sites and indeed any kind of interaction the user might have with your service.

We can run these user tests for you – or we can train a few members of your team to run these themselves such that you can build it into your requirements gathering and development process.