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An app for sports fans to use whilst watching matches. It gives fans new ways to express support for your team by creating visual effects on their phones.


FugaBop is an app to brighten up nights out, parties and gigs. Wave your phone and it will light up in your chosen colours, synchronised with any other FugaBop users around you. Different movements will light up the phone in different colours.


FugaParade is an app to enhance parades. Hold your phone upright and it will light up in your chosen colours, synchronised with any other FugaParade users around you.


We have over 20 years of experience in developing early stage mobile ideas – taking them from initial concepts, through our bespoke rapid interaction development process, to full implementation. We work with development teams, large and small, all around the world and are based near Leeds in the UK.

Mobile Strategy

We can help you develop your strategy for mobile - for example: choosing what mobile platforms to consider, re-framing your service in a mobile context, choosing pricing models and determining if a mobile website would be more effective.


Over the years we have perfected a number of different tools and processes to run requirements gathering and prioritisation meetings and are skilled at managing a mix of stakeholders as they sort the “must-have” from the “nice-to-have” features.


Once the requirements are clear we develop light-weight functional specifications. We then use rapid prototyping tools to fine-tune the design and iron out functional issues early on.

User Experience

An excellent user experience will make your App seem effortless to use. Designing Apps to be this simple can be very hard to get right, so we have developed tools to get to the detail of the experience quickly and reliably.

App Development

Our focus is on the development of native iOS and Android Apps, but we also develop the back-end servers or websites that connect to these Apps. Our design and development process looks across the interaction of the service as a whole.

User Testing

We believe the only way to really understand if you are meeting user’s needs is to test the product repeatedly, throughout the development process. We have developed a rapid user testing process that works equally well on mobile Apps, web sites and indeed any kind of interaction the user might have with your service.

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We are based near Leeds, in the UK.