Our Services

Mobile Strategy

If you are developing your mobile strategy we can help you in a number of ways:

  • What mobile platforms should you be considering (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian)?
  • How does the mobile context of you users affect the services you want to offer them?
  • What pricing model makes most sense for your app – premium, freemium, subscription or ad-funded?
  • Would an app or a mobile website be more effective?

Requirements and Specs

Getting the requirements for your application clear can be a big task – especially if your team is new to mobile.

We have years of experience running requirements gathering and prioritisation meetings. We use a number of different tools and processes during these meetings to help stakeholders sort the “must-have” from the “nice-to-have” features. The fact that we are an external party often makes it easier for us facilitate these meetings.

From these processes we can generate a requirements specification that the whole team can agree on.

Once the requirements are clear a light-weight functional spec can be developed. Our preference is not to make the spec process too detailed as we have found that the time is better spent building initial versions of the product and doing user testing to gauge reactions from real end-users.

User Experience

We have many years of experience designing mobile services.

The best user experiences make a service look and feel simple to use. Designing things to be very simple is hard to do.

Good mobile user experiences take into account the context the application will be used in. For example an application for in-car use will have a very different look and feel to one designed to be used while users buy something in a shop.

Application Development

We mainly develop native iPhone/iPad/Android applications.

We can also develop back-end servers or websites that connect to these applications. Our preferred development environment for this is Ruby on Rails – but we can develop in other systems if required.

We have experience of developing fully internationalised applications – both on the mobile and web-server side.

User Testing

We believe that the only way to really understand if you are meeting user’s needs is to test the product repeatedly, throughout the development process.

Over the years we have developed a system of fast and simple “discount” user testing. The system works well on mobile applications, web sites and indeed any kind of interaction the user might have with your service.

We can run these user tests for you – but our preference is to train a few members of your team to run these themselves and build it into the requirements gathering and development process.