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Imperial Business School – VC Funding


I was invited by the Venture Capital club at Imperial Business School to talk about funding start-ups, alongside Modwenna Rees-Mogg and Talal Hakim.

In my talk I gave a quick overview of the funding process for Cognima (my first start-up) and some of the things that can happen later on in the process.

It was a great turn out – and there were lots of interesting questions after our talks.

Future Everything 2011

Future Everything 2011 – Persuading people to change habits of a lifetime…of driving


At this year’s Future Everything 2011 I gave a presentation (alongside sociologist John Urry, above) on how services can be used to help users modify their behaviour.

Our view is that simple “Skinner Box” schedules of re-enforcement can be used very effectively to help users bring about change they are interested in.

The whole of the visual and audio user experience of DriveGain is built around these principles.

You can find the Prezi of our Future Everything talk here.

MEX 2011

MEX 2001 – Sustainable Smartphone Apps


I was kindly invited my Marek Pawlowski to speak at the MEX 2011 conference on the subject of Sustainability in Mobile.

In my talk I focused on how smartphone apps can help to change user behaviour  – illustrated by some of the UI designs in DriveGain that had worked (and not worked) in achieving this.